Overview: Mercury is an emailing platform developed by Next Jump and it is the #1 revenue driver for the company. This platform allows the company’s email marketing, and engineering teams to create, schedule and send a high volume of email campaigns.

The Challenge: this product was created solely by an engineering team years ago and even though its a powerful tool its usability was very poor. It lacked feedback, necessary functionality, and  in depth reports. There were also many unattended bugs.

My role: usability expert, information architect, interactive and user experience designer.

Results: doubled team’s productivity, reduced and eased training for newbies, eliminated headaches and eye strain issues on the team.




Mailing Calendar

The Mailing Calendar is a management system that allows the email marketing team to generate weekly plan/email schedules online. It also allows them to share the plan seamlessly with all relevant teams and browse historical records.




iPhone App

Mercury’s iphone app facilitates viewing real-time email activity and reporting on the go, as well as allow team members to unschedule emails if any unexpected business changes presents itself.